Wedding photo and video

We offer the service of our visiting photographers to make pictures and video from the places of events. All the pictures made will be processed by our designer and placed in albums and frames.

Your wedding day is filled with emotions ranging from euphoria and joy generated by the presence of loved ones lamenting in your day of celebration, to sadness and regret if your wedding day happens to fall into chaos due to unexpected reasons such as scandalous adultery and poisoned wedding cakes. Our professional Pic Pro team will be there to record all of it. Unfortunatelly, if your wedding day does fall into disaster we do not suggest that you seek emotional and mental help from our team because they are not accredited psyhiatrists.   

Our company has provided this service for over 30 years, covering weddings in a sensitive, documentary style that focuses on capturing the natural joy and significant events of the day with memorable imagery that you will treasure for generations to come - or horrific pain recorded to be rewatched conveniently anytime you feel as if your life is lacking sorrow. All jokes aside, after your wedding day, your will never be sad again! Just kidding! Okay, now back to serious talk about happy wedding days. We have expererience working in all kinds of churches and venues of New York, LA, to Miami and many more. we are experienced in many different styles of weddings and culturally diverse ceremonies. You will find our photography & video packages to be reasonably priced to accommodate most budgets. Call us to discuss your wedding and make an appointment, and see how we can help you savor the important memories of your day.

Photography and Videography

Photo service

Video service

Photo Package #1

  • 3 hours of coverage
  • All proofs - printed
  • Proof album
  • Two (2) 8x10 portraits 


  • 3 hours coverage
  • Disc with all the proofs


Photo package #2

  • Full day coverage (300-500 pics)
  • All proofs - printed
  • Proof album
  • Two (2) 8x10 portraits


  • Full day coverage
  • Disc with all the proofs


Photo Package #3

  • Digital "In Style" album up to 12x12 with 50 images
  • Two (2) 8x8 "In Style" Digital Parent Albums
  • 50 Traditional photo "Thank you cards"
  • Full day coverage
  • All proofs printed


Photo Package #4

  • (2) Photographers / Light
  • Leather Digital album with 70 images
  • Album size up to 12x12 or 10x12
  • Two (2) Digital "In Style" Albums up to 10x10
  • Four (4) Brag books
  • One (1) 16x20 Portrait
  • 100 Digital "thank you cards"
  • Full day coverage
  • All proofs - printed with proof album


Photo Package #5

  • Traditional album with 40 classic 8x10 prints
  • (2) Parent albums with 20 classic 5x7 prints
  • (1) 16x20 Portrait
  • 100 Traditional "Thank you cards"
  • Full day coverage - up to 10 hours
  • All proofs printed
  • (2) Photographers


Deluxe HD Video #1

  • 1 Videographer for 10 hours
  • All special effects, picture & invitation, introduction, music, re-cap ending
  • Start with bride
  • Ceremony, park (if included), reception


Standard Video #2

  • 1 Videographer 8 hours
  • All special effects, picture & invitation, introduction, music
  • Ceremony & reception



In-Camera Edit #3

  • 1 Videographer 6 hours
  • Ceremony & reception



Video Extras

  • (2) Fully Edited DVD copies
  • (1) Master DVD copy


Call for any questions: 718-282-4462 or 718-284-8919

This service should be arranged at least two weeks before the event!