Computer repair service

Computer Repair Services

Pic Pro offers repair service of desktop and laptop PC's, Macs. We do not have a monitor repair service. We apply our extensive experience with a wide variety of computer systems to helping you solve your upgrade, repair, and diagnostic problems.

We offer an inexpensive diagnostic fee which allows one to make an informed and economical decision regarding the repair of their equipment. In addition, our repair rates are among the lowest in Brooklyn.

Software Installation and Upgrade

We offer a wide variety of software for Win and UX based systems for different purposes for office tasks, photo and video processing, graphical editors, virus protection, hardware drivers and more. Software installation service comes in bulk, so you don't have to worry about your needs/ We will consult you and cover them all based on your demands and experience.

We also provide warranty service for all the software installed by us on your computer.

Virus Removal

How do you know that your computer is infected:

  • Slow overall performance
  • Startup takes too much time
  • Internet browser errors or lockups
  • Excessive “pop-up” advertisements
  • Home page has changed
  • Internet access a lot slower than before
  • Folders, files or documents are not opening or launching unexpected programs
  • Unwanted websites pop-up on your screen
  • Black or blue screen

In all these cases you should act immediately to avoid lots of problems. Your computer would probably infect other computers or devices, mail services can block your address, your files and documents can be damaged and the worst and much more common - your private mail, accounts and passwords can be stolen. 

We offer full virus cleaning, blacklist removal service, damaged documents restoration and further virus and spyware protection warranty.

Data Recovery

Most of the cases your deleted information is stored in rececle bin, where you can find it and restore by yourself. But sometimes you, or someone else, who is also using your computer, deleting something you need, or formats the device, or even your operating system crashes and you need to reinstall it, which would cause you loosing your data. Your memories, old photos, important documents, long-time work seems to be lost. But in most of the cases it could be restored, fully or partially. Magnetic field on your hard drive keeps storing your data even if it is owerwritten by something else, and we know how to restore lost bytes back into your files. Our data restoration service is both competitive in pricing and turnaround time.