Portrait Studio

We at PicPro, welcomingly, ask you to join us at our specially equiped studio in creating personal portraits. Come by yourself, or with friends and family, and our photographer will suggest unique surroundings and poses for you to choose from to make a portrait created through your helping hand of input and ceativity. 

We offer more than professional photography. We offer a picture perfect experience. Our portrait studio captures moments your family will cherish for years to come. Our professional photographers know exactly how to bring out the unique personalities and beauty of each individual to create a memory to always find warmth in anytime you decide to peer back in time by looking at the photographs you chose to accesorize your home with.

You will walk in to our Portrait Studio and immedieatly be surrounded by colorful and inspiring backdrops, innovative props and familiar artifacts to inspire directive and initiatve within you to create a portrait as intricate as the studio iteslf. Our highly trained photographer gets to work, using state-of-the art digital equipment, a sophisticated lighting system that replicates natural light, and a discerning eye to capture the truest, most genuine expressions possible.

Once your session ends, we will show you your favorite poses to choose. Don’t worry, we’ll help you edit, crop images and add sepia tone, vignettes, color accents, decorative borders and many other impactful digital enhancements. You can even select from our beautiful custom framing options – so you won’t have to stop by the frame shop or craft store on the way home.

When all is said and done, what may impress you most about our entire process is that it’s anything but  overwhelming - it’s fast, easy, and affordable. We’ll print your stunning, one-of-a-kind portraits on high quality paper using the latest printing technology. The exact combination of poses and sizes in whatever value package you’ve chosen will be avaiable to pickup and take home to add even more color to the story of your life.